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06 September 2013 @ 09:05 pm
Character Trope: Simon Turner  
The lovely website tvtropes is often a time suck. And by that I mean you can spend hours on it and not even noticed that you've wasted half your day. There is also a lovely thing on Tumblr, where you find tropes to describe your favorite fictional characters and make a picture/gif set with them. I thought I'd try it with my stories.

Third up: Simon Turner from Surely Someday. Come get to know (and see!) him.


Full Name: Simon Martin Turner
Date of Birth: March 25th, 1988
Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Unnamed Father (alive)
Unnamed Siblings (alive)
Occupation: Janitor or Sanitation Engineer


Our Werewolves Are Different: Werewolves can only be made via scratches, they aren't born. There blood is poison to vampires. They have amazing senses, especially on the day of the full moon. Werewolves can smell vampires; they are said to have the scent of death about them. During the full moon (even before transformation), a werewolf will want to eat anything and everything - even humans. Thankfully, Simon has gotten control over it. Werewolves are always unusual strong, but are VERY strong on the day of a full moon.
Big Brother Instinct: Toward Maggie.
Deadpan Snarker He is Simon.
Arbitrary Skepticism: Simon is a werewolf,who lives with a girl that doesn't age. But when the idea of vampires comes up. . .he responds with "Vampires?"
Enemy Within: Simon sees the Wolf as another thing - a monster - who lives within him.
Mysterious Animal Senses: He can smell vampires and other werewolves. And probably see ghosts. Andrews think he could smell any type of supernatural - except Maggie, of course.
True Companions: With Andrews and Maggie at first. Later with Warren, too.
Painful Transformation: Transforming on the full moon causes his back and bones break. Causes Simon to have seizures as his organs fail, so they can change shape. His vocal cords and face stretch out. Oh, and it actually gets more painful has he gets older. The transformations make his body weaker and stronger at the same time: going into the werewolf part becomes more difficult and painful over time. However, during the rest of the month their bodies and bones are stronger.
Scars Are Forever: Simon has the scars from where he was attacked. They are the only injuries/scars that never seem to heal.
Wolf Man: He is a werewolf.


Simon really doesn't think you'll bother to read this.
I Feel: bouncybouncy